Tile Vs. Slab: Are Natural Stone Slabs Better Than Tiles for Your GTA home?

Tile Vs.Slab

When investing in a new kitchen countertop of backsplash, buyers will notice that both natural stone slabs and natural stone tiles are available in the GTA. The debate between stone slabs and stone tiles is a tough one, and needs to be investigated. Like all purchases, the investment into natural stone should always come down to your lifestyle and financial situation.

Slabs - Pros and Cons

Stone slabs tend to be the preference for most interior designers and homeowners alike, for good reason. Buying stone in a full slab form ensures that the color and texture of the rock is the same throughout, which is the most visually appealing option. Depending on the rock type you decide on, slabs of stone will be able to withstand and distribute heat and cold. Marble, for example, is the preferred stone type for those who do regular or professional baking, as it can excellently distribute heat. When a stone slab is installed, there will be no need for an additional base countertop underneath, as the stone can hold itself up. Additionally, slabs are much thicker than tiles and will be able to withstand harder use.
Stone slabs do have negatives however. Slabs are undeniably more expensive than tiles, and require heavily skilled professional labourers to install it. Because slabs are one full sheet of stone, finding a slab without multiple impurities can also be hard; it is impossible to cut out flaws in the rock without tarnishing the stones entirely. Similarly, if the slab is damaged in any way, repairing it without ruining its look is extremely difficult.

Tiles - Pros and Cons

Stone tiles are an excellent alternative to slabs, and with them come a variety of benefits. Tiles are much less expensive than slabs, making them a much more financially conscious way of adding natural stone to a home. Stone tiles are also able to come in a different array of colors and textures than slabs are, as they can be mined from smaller mineral sources, Likewise, tiles can be created without the worry of impurities or imperfections taking up sizeable amounts of the stone. What may have been a large slab of blemishes can be turned into a sizeable amount of beautiful tiles.
The choice to use stone tiles instead of slabs can come with a few drawbacks however.  Tiles are typically 1/3rd of the width of slabs, making them more fragile and delicate to use.  When installing tiles, some kind of hidden countertop must be installed underneath; this will be what the tiles are laid on to give another layer of additional strength. In regards to the installation of tiles, grout will be needed to connect the tiles together and to the under sheet. Grout easily gets dirty over time, and owners need to ensure they are constantly cleaning this grout so that it does not harbour harmful bacteria. 
When deciding between natural stone slabs and natural stone tiles for your home in the GTA, it is important to consider the entire pros and cons.  Stone slabs are an excellent choice for those concerned with visual appeal and durability, whereas tiles are a great choice for those more financially sensitive and able to keep up with their cleaning necessities.  Either way you decide to go, natural stone in any form is an excellent addition to the home.